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A look at how Bonita Chow goes above and beyond the call of duty in giving extraordinary care. Your passport to better hearing health starts here.

Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary

Calgary’s first auditory health clinic specializing in tinnitus

By IMPACT Magazine
PHOTO: Bonita Chow, M.Sc., Aud(C ), R.Aud. Photo: Graham McKerrell
Typically, specialists in tinnitus are hard to come across in Canada. But, in Calgary, people who endure persistent phantom noises in their ears can turn to the Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary clinic and its founder, Bonita Chow – the first audiologist in Canada to be trained as a Tinnitus Care Provider.
The clinic, established in 2016, operates on a multi-dimensional wellness model that focuses on the whole patient – not just the ears.
“Unlike most hearing clinics that deal only with hearing aids, we prioritize patient education,” says Chow. “Treatment depends on the condition and level of need, but combines counseling, lifestyle management, and sound therapy.”
The path to treatment begins with a thorough tinnitus assessment that goes beyond the scope of standard hearing tests. Patients are screened for signs of auditory damage as well as the degree of their tinnitus and its effects. They are also checked for common conditions that are linked with age milestones.
Chow’s training in multiple tinnitus therapies allows her to customize the most effective treatment program for each patient. In some cases, patients may benefit from special devices that generate soothing sounds for tinnitus relief or special hearing aids that amplify background sound to make tinnitus less noticeable.
“There is an appalling lack of resources and support for people suffering from tinnitus,” she says. “Too often patients have been told that nothing can be done to help them and they just have to live with tinnitus, but even though we can’t make it go away, the good news is I can help a patient understand and manage their condition.”
For patients suffering from tinnitus and other auditory conditions resulting from motor vehicle accidents or other injuries, Chow applies her expertise as a forensic audiologist to assist with legal and insurance matters.
Chow continues with her commitment to her specialization through clinical research exploring the long-term effectiveness of a patented tinnitus sound relief program.