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“I want to thank Bonita for being so thorough in her assessment. I was rear ended in a car accident and sound became a huge issue for me to tolerate. Bonita has given me hope that I may slowly return to normal through the sound therapy she prescribed. She is very supportive and willing to answer any questions at any time. Very happy with my experience. ”

Sherry Barge

“I learned so much about tinnitus throughout my sessions with Bonita. It was so reassuring to find someone who could help me in a meaningful way and provide support over a period of time. Bonita gave me many actionable and realistic tools to use on my own to help me learn to live with my tinnitus. She also helped me deal with the psychological toll that tinnitus takes. I felt that she believed me, and supported me with any issues or concerns I was having with my tinnitus and/or my hearing aids. I never felt rushed – I felt heard, seen and valued. Bonita was so very knowledgeable about tinnitus, the psychology of it and meaningful ways to help deal with it. She helped me to feel hopeful that I would begin to habituate to my tinnitus and she is a huge part of my success in my journey with tinnitus. Bonita was also very mindful about safety protocols during this time. I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you a million times over Bonita!”

Erin Yuristy

“If you have ringing in your ears and hearing loss you should seriously consider this business for your needs. From wearing a face shield instead of a mask to allow me to easily read her lips to the thorough and simple explanation of how tinnitus happens to the open and transparent sharing of information during and after the visit, I have never had as good an experience with any other audiologist or hearing centre. I walked out of her office feeling hopeful about the future of my hearing, something new to me. Absolutely phenomenal, I will be highly recommending Bonita to my friends and family. I have suffered with tinnitus for over 20 years. I’ve never thought it would do anything but get worse. After this visit I know much more and feel like there are treatments that can help me to have a better life with less suffering from the never ending ringing in my ears. You can feel this way too. You are worth it. There is hope. Thank you Bonita! You made this veteran’s day!”

Sauvol Hayes

“ I went to Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary just over a year ago as my tinnitus was no longer tolerable for me and I was at the end of my rope. Bonita’s professional and friendly manner instantly put me at ease. The whole process was wonderful and I’m happy to say that a year later my tinnitus is definitely much more manageable. Making that appointment over a year ago was life changing for me – I’m now kicking myself for not going to see her sooner!”

Joanne Foster

“My tinnitus has cycled up and down for 20+ years. Until I was examined and tested my Bonita I never understood its origin and my options for dealing with it. I’ve recommended THHC to my wife and a number of friends with hearing issues.”

Harry Harker

“I’m a 37 year old Live Sound professional with mild to moderate loss in mid/high frequencies from years of noise exposure. I was extremely happy with my experience with Bonita. I wanted a smart, educated, honest and experienced audiologist and she was all of that and more. I really appreciated the private feeling of clinic and spent more time with Bonita than I expected. On top of the great care, the Widex Evoke hearing aids she suggested are phenomenal. The sound quality I need to do my job is second to none. Highly recommended!”

Adam Dippel

“My mother in law has been suffering with Tinnitus for over 30 years. I have been trying to help her since she moved to Alberta 3 years a ago. We have been to doctors and specialists. They all told her to live with it. Get hearing aids they said. She was so deprived of sound that she couldn’t stand any noise so why buy hearing aids. Not one person explained what happens when you go deaf and are sound deprived. Bonita Chow cares about people and she had helped us so much. I say us because watching my mother in law suffer was hurting me too. She would call everyday crying asking me to do something. I googled Tinnitus Calgary and was very fortunate to find Bonita. She explained how losing your hearing causes the Tinnitus to get worse because your brain is searching for sound but there isn’t any so it makes sound up. Incrediable! Why didn’t anyone tell us this. People out there are suffering with this awful thing everyday. Bonita introduced us to hearing aids with chimes built into them. Now my mother in law has nice to listen to instead of the high pitched screamin in her ears. My mother in law is almost back to normal and I can’t thank Bonita enough. Our lives are so much better now. My mother in law no longer calls me crying to help her. She was at her wits end and didn’t want to live any longer. Now she feels life is worth living again and that is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! ”

Laurie J

“I want to express my extreme gratitude and awe at the expertise provided by Bonita, it was good to be treated with professionalism and care with person who knows what I have been going through for the past year and a half or so. knowing that she will help me with my Tinnitus gives me great confidence that I am in a good place with a good person who cares. looking forward for her treatments and her knowledge as how to control my Tinnitus so I can improve and enjoy my life once again. thank you Samson. ”

Samson Raju

“I was recommended to see Bonita regarding the ringing in my ears that started after my car accident. Bonita was able to explain what was making my ears ring and to my surprise that I had experienced significant hearing loss. She was very patient and informative and in everyway a very knowledgeable hearing professional.”

Ken Barge

“Bonita Chow is the most knowledgeable audiologist on tinnitus that I have found. She answered all my questions and has given me practical advice on how to manage my tinnitus. She fitted me with hearing aids customized to my tinnitus. They have greatly improved the quality of my life and her patience and weekly follow up to monitor my progress help me to keep moving forward. ”

Frances Kohlsmith

“I was referred to the Tinnitus and Hearing Health website by my wife. For quite some time both she and I had been disappointed by my inability to hear clearly, despite the fact that I was using fairly expensive hearing aids that I had purchased from another hearing clinic. In short, they weren’t doing the job.During our first visit Bonita Chow put me through a number of hearing tests which accurately pinpointed the extent of my hearing loss. These included tests (which I had never taken before) that assessed my hearing ability with increased levels of background noise. Bonita then demonstrated, on a followup visit, the Widex hearing aids that she recommended. They were a considerable improvement over my existing hearing aids! We made the decision to upgrade to the Widex and I have not been disappointed. I can hear much better now, including the ability to hear whispers. Many people have since commented how much better the communication is between them and myself; also that the volume of my voice is much lower, as I don’t have to raise it in order to be heard. Bonita’s professionalism as an audiologist is to be commended; she was able to determine where my hearing loss occurred, and recommended a product that helped me to hear much better than before. I would heartily recommend her services to anyone with hearing issues.”

Christopher Rigby

“I had progressively worsening Tinnitus over the last five years. The Tinnitus was making it impossible to enjoy going to restaurants, dinner parties or multiple conversational meetings. My wife was concerned that my speech was impacted and I was accused of mumbling. I sought help from Bonita to discuss my treatment options. Bonita did a very detailed work up with comprehensive testing. The results indicated my hearing problems and Bonita gave a great explanation how hearing After a month, my life has changed, the Tinnitus has improved as my brain is slowly adapting to the new hearing paradigms. The service has been outstanding. The value of the purchase makes this one of my better investment decisions. Most of all, my wife no longer critiques my speech.”

Robb Robertson

“If you are searching for some one that personally understands what it is like to have Tinnitus, then look no further! Bonita was excellent at analyzing my symptoms and explaining why I have Tinnitus. She was very thorough and took the time and care to educate me how to cope and live with Tinnitus. She truly went beyond what was expected. Thanks, Bonita! ”

Greg Oilund

“I was concerned that my daughter’s misophonia was taking over my family’s lives. With [Bonita]’s help, we have been able to resume all family activities together, including dinner times without the TV or hood fan on as a distraction! Thank you [Bonita]! ”

Gina Fryer

“While I am only midway through my treatment and therapy for hearing loss and tinnitus, I have been roundly impressed with Bonita and her clinic “Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary”. Bonita is extremely punctual in all her correspondence and email queries. I found her clinic to be warm, inviting and relaxing, and her testing and diagnostic equipment to be technically advanced and modern. She is friendly and sets you at ease during some of the lengthy testing protocols while clearly explaining everything that is happening. Bonita also leverages technology for appointment booking and changes, which I like, and her website is fully interactive and informative. That said, I’m certain she is amenable to simple phonecalls if that is your preference.For veterans, this clinic is an “Authorized VAC Provider” for your “VAC/Blue Cross Item 3 Group A” benefits. Bonita is authorized to handle all your requirements so you avoid out of pocket expenses. Her ability to deal with VAC directly means no paperwork or bureaucratic chasing for us.I have only used the NE Edgemont clinic location. It is located in a small strip mall that can be extremely busy at peak periods during the day so parking can be a challenge, however street parking on Edgedale Drive is plentiful.I am only midway through my treatment and therapy and I find Ms Chow’s coaching and education regarding my condition to be excellent. I’m learning a great deal about my hearing loss and tinnitus and I’m looking forward to my continued relationship with this clinic. Be prepared to invest significant personal time in addressing your hearing health with Bonnita as she doesn’t just rush you in and out of the door in order to sell you hearing aids. Her mission and purpose run much deeper than that. You won’t be disappointed when investing your hearing health in “Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary”.”

Jeremy Reynolds


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