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Do I need a doctor's referral?

A referral is not required, but we always recommend that you first talk to your family doctor about your concerns.
Please note we cannot cure tinnitus. However, we specialize in the non-medical rehabilitation of chronic auditory conditions that have persisted for at least 3 months, including tinnitus, hearing loss, and sound tolerance disorders (hyperacusis and misophonia).
If you have been experiencing symptoms for less than 3 months, are reporting medical symptoms such as vertigo, ear pain, or ear pressure, or are under the age of 18, please talk to your family doctor.

Who Can Be Seen at THHC?

Symptoms must be present for at least 3 months unless onset is caused by:

Booking Your Assessment

We offer different types of assessments depending on the scope and depth of your concerns.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Book a Meet & Greet Consultation

If you’re not sure what type of assessment best suits your needs, we offer a Meet & Greet consultation, a complimentary 20 minute introduction with our audiologist via Zoom or a phone call.
This meeting does not constitute a patient-clinician relationship, so no diagnosis or advice will be provided, but this is an opportunity for us to clarify our services and intake process.

Are your services covered by Alberta Health Care?

Assessments are not covered by Alberta Health Care. However, some coverage may be available under some insurance programs, such as Healthcare Spending Accounts, or if your plan has a general Audiology category. Funding for assistive devices for hearing or tinnitus may also be available if you have Hearing Aid coverage. Government assistance is available for Albertans with hearing loss who are over 65 years of age or who qualify as low-income.