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Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary was founded to provide treatment and support for Albertans with tinnitus, decreased sound tolerance, and hearing loss so that everyone may live the lifestyle they deserve to live without being held back by any auditory afflictions.
No cookie-cutter solutions; our focus is about empowerment, proactiveness, and encouraging you to take the driver’s seat in your journey to optimal hearing wellness. Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary will be there to guide you along the way.
We believe better hearing health goes way beyond the ears; that’s why we adopt a compassionate and holistic approach that respects that every client is unique and has multi-dimensional needs that require multi-dimensional solutions.

Our Procedures

Tinnitus and Sound Tolerance Assessments

For any tinnitus sufferer or anyone with sound sensitivity concerns, this specialized 2-hour assessment in an in-depth look at what’s going on in your auditory system that is affecting your symptoms.

Hearing Tests

Questioning your hearing? Our Audiologist can perform 1-hour examination of your overall hearing acuity and ear health. Note: does not include complex conditions such as tinnitus or sound tolerance issues.

Auditory Processing Evaluations

Have you suffered a head injury and are now having difficulty understanding what others are saying despite being able to hear them? This 2-hour evaluation is designed how well you hear and more.

Forensic Audiology Services

Suffering from tinnitus, hearing loss, or hypersensitivity to sound as a result of an injury or accident? A Forensic Audiologist specializes in the assessment/diagnosis of auditory conditions as it relates to legal matters.

Tinnitus Activities Retraining Therapy (TART)
Support for tinnitus sufferers in overcoming the negative effects that accompany chronic tinnitus as well as developing lifestyle strategies to overcome difficulties with sleep, concentration, hearing, and communication.
Hearing Aids and More
Better hearing health is not just about hearing aids; our solutions include a customized blend of individual education, counseling, communication strategies, and/or other assistive listening devices.
Tinnitus Sound Generators
Whether you have hearing loss or normal hearing, these discreet, ear-worn, Bluetooth-compatible devices emit therapeutic sound for tinnitus relief, such as soothing tones or noise.

“I went to Tinnitus and Hearing Health Calgary just over a year ago as my tinnitus was no longer tolerable for me and I was at the end of my rope. Bonita’s professional and friendly manner instantly put me at ease. The whole process was wonderful and I’m happy to say that a year later my tinnitus is definitely much more manageable. Making that appointment over a year ago was life changing for me – I’m now kicking myself for not going to see her sooner!”

Joanne Foster


“I want to thank Bonita for being so thorough in her assessment. I was rear ended in a car accident and sound became a huge issue for me to tolerate. Bonita has given me hope that I may slowly return to normal through the sound therapy she prescribed. She is very supportive and willing to answer any questions at any time. Very happy with my experience.”

Sherry Barge


“Bonita Chow is the most knowledgeable audiologist on tinnitus that I have found. She answered all my questions and has given me practical advice on how to manage my tinnitus. She fitted me with hearing aids customized to my tinnitus. They have greatly improved the quality of my life and her patience and weekly follow up to monitor my progress help me to keep moving forward. ”

Frances Kohlsmith


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